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James Ron Frohlich


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James Ron Frohlich, Ph.D., leads Azimuth Social Research, a consulting firm. 

Azimuth provides customized research solutions for private, public, and non-profit clients. It specializes in quantitative and qualitative research, including population-based surveys, in-depth interviews with stakeholders and key informants, and sophisticated analyses of open-source material. 

James is a creative research professional with extensive experience defining and implementing research strategies, managing diverse research teams, developing evidence-based recommendations, and communicating complex results.

James has worked in multiple world regions, including Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America. He speaks native English and Hebrew, and professional Spanish and French. 

James has done research and policy advisory work for private corporations, such as the rare disease market research firm, 
Engage Health; for government agencies, such as Global Affairs Canada; private philanthropies, such as the Soros Foundations; and for non-profit advocacy groups, including Human Rights Watch.

As a program evaluator, James has done reviews for 
CARE, an international humanitarian charity; the International Committee of the Red Cross, which supports the rights of war prisoners and civilians in combat zones; and Life for a Child, an Australian charity supplying insulin to children with Type 1 diabetes in low-income countries. 

James holds a Ph.D. in sociology from UC Berkeley and a BA in political science from Stanford University. He taught sociology, political science, and international relations for 22 years in research-intensive academia, including Johns Hopkins, McGill, and the University of Minnesota.

James has published widely in scholarly journals and the popular media, including the New York Times and Washington Post.

Please get in touch with James for consulting opportunities at
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